Utilizing RAG Patterns and Vector Search in Generative AI Applications

Today’s hosting and presentation at the Nashua Cloud .NET User Group was about Utilizing RAG patterns and Vector search in Generative AI applications. This insightful presentation delves into the nuances of Keyword and Vector Searches, their integration into Hybrid Search, and their real-world applications in today’s leading tech companies. Perfect for AI enthusiasts and professionals, it offers a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge search technologies shaping the future of AI.

Talk Description

This engaging talk offers insights into the evolving landscape of AI-driven search mechanisms. Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or a professional in the field, this presentation is tailored to broaden your understanding and spark your curiosity.

Key highlights of the session:

Exploring Keyword Search: Discover the simplicity, efficiency, and scalability of traditional keyword search methods alongside their challenges in handling complex queries.
Advancements in Vector Search: Learn how vector search outperforms in understanding language semantics and dealing with ambiguous queries, despite its computational intensity.
The Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Search: Uncover how integrating keyword and vector searches improves accuracy, increases relevance, and offers a wider range of query-handling capabilities.
Technical Deep Dives: Gain insights into the workings of cosine similarity and the role of various vector databases in enhancing search capabilities.

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