Today’s hosting and presentation at the Nashua Cloud .NET User Group was a deep dive into the intricacies of Semantic Kernel. A remarkable turnout marked the session, and the attendees’ engagement was impressive and gratifying, reflecting a successful and insightful event.

Talk Description

The “Semantic Kernel” presentation covers the Semantic Kernel, an open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) for AI model integration and agent development. It discusses key concepts like plugins, planners, personas, and co-pilots in AI applications, emphasizing their roles in task automation and AI orchestration. The presentation highlights prompt engineering, AI memory management, and embedding storage for enhanced AI performance. It also outlines steps for building AI agents using Semantic Kernel, integrating AI models, and managing memory and context. Additionally, the importance of real-time assistance and user feedback in enhancing AI interactions and supported languages for the Semantic Kernel SDK are discussed.

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