BCC36: Building AI-Driven Apps Using Semantic Kernel

Today, I am thankful for the chance to present at Boston Code Camp 36 (#BCC36) on Building AI-driven applications using Semantic Kernel. The turnout and engagement of the attendees were both highly impressive and gratifying.

Talk Description

This presentation delves into building AI-driven applications using the Semantic Kernel SDK, an open-source tool for integrating and orchestrating AI models. It guides attendees through initializing the Semantic Kernel, utilizing plugins for enhanced functionality, and using planners—such as Action, Sequential, and Stepwise—to automate tasks and improve efficiency. The session emphasizes the importance of memory and context management in AI development, along with responsible AI practices and the need for customization and thorough testing. Additionally, it highlights the SDK’s support for multiple programming languages, demonstrating its versatility and applicability in various AI projects. Practical demonstrations and resources are provided to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of Semantic Kernel’s capabilities.

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