BCC35: Securing Azure Services with Azure AD Authentication

Today, I am thankful for the chance to have presented at Boston Code Camp 35 (#BCC35) about securing Azure services with Azure AD Authentication. The turnout and the engagement level of the attendees were both highly impressive and gratifying.

Talk Description

This in-person meeting focused on exploring how to secure Azure Services using Azure AD Authentication (RBAC).

  • Introduction to Managed Identity/User Managed Identity/Service Principal
  • The problem of key-based access
  • Configuring keyless access using AD Authentication
  • A .NET application to demo services like CosmosDB, Azure Monitoring, Azure Storage, and Azure Cognitive Services using Managed Identity.

Meeting URL



Link to a pre-recorded session from the Nashua CLOUD .NET User Group meeting by Udaiappa Ramachandran

The Deck

Demo Script