BOSTON: Infrastructure as Code using ARM Templates (ONLINE)

Today, I presented Boston Azure and North Boston Azure User Group online about Infrastructure as Code using Azure Resource Manager Templates. The session was very interactive, engaging with loads of questions from attendees.

Talk Description

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates simplifies the process of automating the application infrastructure provisioning using Templates, policies, and configuration files. Application Infrastructure includes Networks, Compute (Virtual Machine, Web Apps or Containers), Load balancers, Storage, Database, Cache, or any services that require to run the application. In this session, we will dive into

Introduction to Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
ARM template structures
Creating Basic, Linked, and Nested templates
Executing Templates using PowerShell/CLI
CI/CD – Azure DevOps, Git Action
Creating UI definitions and validations
Service catalog managed application definitions
Solution Templates for Marketplace
Template Spec
Azure Blueprints
Executing Deployment Scripts

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